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How to get your home guest ready

October 18, 2019 Patrick

With festivities looming and dark weather resuming, the only reprieve is to conceive a home fit for a guest.

Read tips and tricks and our top picks for an excellent depiction (on a budget-restriction) of a home looking its best.

guest ready room

Impress your guests and wow your relations with these handy pieces from No.10 Furniture. Implementing space saving furniture, alongside a few tips and tricks, will help you get your home guest ready.

5. Extendable Tables

Breakfast for two? Game night for six? Impromptu dinner party and buffet for sixteen? Extendable tables are key to having a guest ready home.

Flexible and functional, extendable tables are very popular in both houses and apartments. Excellent space saving furniture, extending tables can be quickly closed or enlarged depending on your requirements. Get guest ready for Christmas by purchasing an extendable table; ideal for board games then for the infamous Christmas dinner, then put down for extra charade space. With extendable tables, the options are limitless.

Home Furniture UK recommends the Toronto Motion Dining Table, which has two fold-out leaves offering over 60cm more space. A gorgeous table top featuring compressed laminate natural wood and pyramid-style metal legs providing plentiful leg space. Available in either a pale wood or grey concrete effect finish, increase space for your guests with the Toronto Motion Dining Table.

Toronto motion dining table

Display Unit

4. Multifunctional Display Units

Getting guest ready means wanting to put your best items on display. Getting guest ready also means uncluttering and storing items away. Don’t compromise drawer storage for shelving. Instead consider a multi-functional display unit. They help conserve wall and floor space in you home, able to both store and display your favourite objects.

Perfect for small rooms or rooms which benefit from high ceilings, tall display units are perfect for both houses and apartments. They help make homes seem larger and more spacious, as well as adding to the aesthetic. Easy to decorate and providing an opportunity for personalisation, display units are a must.

Home Furniture UK has many multi-functional storage solutions available in a variety of sizes. We want to highlight the Rio Display Unit, a triad of drawers, shelves and cabinets. The Rio Display Unit also benefits from its eclectic wood material; made from reclaimed pine wood the product is a strong and sustainable choice. Give yourself the foundation to impress with this eye-catching space saver.

3. Nest of Tables

The nest of tables is a classical and critical component of a space saving home. Functional and practical, having a selection of desks at your disposal is ideal for entertaining guests at any point of the day. Stackable tables have the advantage of being easy to store out of the way at a moment’s notice, providing more space for activities. A guest ready home would be at a loss without at least one nest of tables.

Now available in a wide range of styles and sizes, the nest of tables design has been replicated time and time again. Timeless and traditional, Home Furniture UK has multiple styles available. They include a modern box shaped design, a minimal Nordic design, or a beautiful French country flair. We have selected the Buckland Nest of Tables as the standout choice. Universal and fashionable, this collection would easily fit into any home and be of immediate benefit. The range of finishes available, including oak, stone and white, means any homeowner can get guest ready without issue.

Nest of Tables

office corner desk

2. Corner Desks

Often a wasted space, homeowners can often be at a loss with what to do in the corner of the room. Making the most of a space is important when getting a house guest ready, and adorning the corners goes a long way to making a room seem larger than it is. The perfect solution is a corner desk or corner table, transforming this unused space into a study, bar or dining area. Maximise available floor space with this modern solution.

Thought as a necessity by some in the modern home, corner desks provide utility can even replace previous space-wasting furniture. Home Furniture UK has chosen to underline the excellence of the Buckland Office Corner Desk. Far removed from the workplace, this desk has a smooth lacquered finish, offering a comfortable look and feel. It is protected against bumps and scratches, ideal for entertaining and getting guest ready.

1. Ottomans

The number one space saving item, a must have in any household. The ottoman is part seating, part storage, part accessory. Currently dominated as storage for children’s toys, the ottoman provides storage for all sorts of clutter. In recent times, the ottoman design has become increasingly diverse and ingenious, featuring plump top cushions or various stylising. Offering either a sophisticated look or playful comfort, the ottoman is versatile, agile and minimal. Get guest ready by providing both a seating arrangement, storage for your shoes or magazines or board games, and a impressive centre piece to impress your relatives.

All these reasons and more permits Home Furniture UK to have a high opinion of the Meribel Ottoman. Constructed from rustic oiled oak and finished with a burnished metal top, the ottoman both is durable and adds a touch of class. This model features a safely hinged lid and involves a surprisingly large amount of storage space. Get your home guest ready by investing in your living space and save space with the Meribel Ottoman.

ottoman storage furniture

At No.10 Furniture, we supply a large range of beautifully designed home furniture. We pride ourselves on offering a broad range of oak home furniture as well as pine, painted wood and metal modern furniture. Buy home furniture online and use our free delivery service. Browse our home furniture ideas section to buy home furniture sets which are guaranteed to elevate your house furnishings. We're passionate about providing excellent quality home furniture and outstanding customer service at every stage, delivering direct to your door.