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Quality Home Furniture

October 21, 2019 Patrick

Our quality wood furniture is both stylish and durable, designed to last a lifetime. Our local manufacturers craft furniture with efficiency and precision. Their traditional hand-crafted techniques as well as the natural quality of the wood means each piece is unique to the owner.

The wood panels, many made from reclaimed pine, are either slim brush painted, or coated in a clear lacquer. The lacquer style benefits from the natural rings and knots of the wood, providing a relaxed look and feel. The smooth, comfortable wood benefits from delicate craftsmanship and carpentry.

Intelligent Drawer Construction

Many of the drawers in our collection use a sliding mechanism. It is designed to prevent withdrawing the drawer all of the way out accidentally. Through the attention to detail in the engineering of the product and the exquisite carpentry on the wood panels, the individual drawers prove to be durable and high quality.

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Buckland Furniture
Buckland Furniture

Dovetail Joints

A proven way of strongly fixing two pieces of wood together. It improves strength at the front of the drawer where the piece sees the majority of use from pushing and pulling.

The use of dovetail joints demonstrates the exceptional expertise which goes into No.10 Furniture collection. Difficult and demanding a high level of skill, dovetail joints are durable, sustainable and water resistant, superior to the use of wearable parts such as glue or fittings.

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Responsible Design

Many items are manufactured using reclaimed pine and oak panels. Reclaimed wood is wood that has been previously used or off-cuttings of prior projects. It is exceptionally durable and holds a diverse history, visible in its interesting patterns and knots.

Reclaimed wood is much more ecological than alternatives and can be harvested for a cheaper cost to production. Responsible and environmentally friendly, No.10 Furniture's home furniture is sustainably sourced for a conscious effort to improve the green quality of homes.

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Buckland Furniture
Buckland Furniture

Also Available - The Industrial Style

At No.10 Furniture, we also supply popular industrial style home furniture. This collection merges the best qualities of both wood and metal materials to product excellent home furnishings. The smooth look and feel of the wood makes an excellent top panel; the strong metal legs and struts are able to effectively support and offer additional space. Fashionable and versatile our industrial style suits a range of interiors.

Our home furniture offers a wide variety of styles, each sorted into a furniture set sharing a family name. Browse the collections to see the various styles available.

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