Furniture Fitting Instructions

Make sure your new piece of furniture from Home Furniture UK will fit your room. Follow our steps to guarantee your product is the perfect size.


Note down the measurements of your chosen item: Height, Width, Depth. These measurements should be on the product's specifications section, found on the product page under the specifications tab.







Clear Pathways

The pathway the purchased item is going to take often involves many difficult obstacles, such as doorways, stairwells and household belongings. Make sure these areas are clear and that the item is able to fit. We have included some of the measurements you may need to take before delivery of the product.

Doorframe width:

Doorframe height:

Hallway width including radiators:

Hallway depth around corners:

Stairway width:

Bannister to ceiling measurement:

Floor to ceiling on stairway measurement at its shortest point:

Floor to drop lighting measurement:

Pathway To Do List

The product becomes your responsibility when it is taken off the van. Remember to plan ahead and take into account the lobbies and lifts.

  • When the product is delivered, make sure doorways are open and clear. The box should be able to fit through the doorframe’s narrowest point. This includes both interior and exterior doorways.
  • Bear in mind radiators, door handles, wall fixtures, side tables and lighting fixtures which may become an obstacle. Remove these from the pathway where possible or remeasure the narrowest gap.
  • Tight turns can cause problems and the space available is often smaller than it first appears. Take note of the widths of pinch points at their narrowest and ensure the width and length of product will easily fit through.
  • Stairwells are awkward and involve lots of pivoting. An option is to lift the box over the bannister if the space allows you to do so. Measure correctly to ensure the box can fit around stairwell corners, allowing for a smooth transfer.
  • The quickest route may not always be the easiest. Assess and choose the easiest route and clear the pathway.


If a lift needs to be taken to get to your property, you will need to measure this as well. Information on the height, width and depth of the lift needs to be provided as well as the weight capacity. The weight of the product should be displayed under the Specifications tab.

Lift height:

Lift width:

Lift depth:

Lift weight capacity:

Other checks may be necessary, but we believe we have laid out the most frequently required information. If you are satisfied and ready to order, purchase your product at For more information, call us at 01480 277119.